Friday, July 31, 2009

Raised By Wolves

The smearing of politicians is a time-honored thing, as ancient as mankind. But sometimes the lies and the falsehoods go beyond belief.

A cult cottage industry is being built by the "Birthers," an anonymous bunch of (white) people who reject all documentation and all evidence* that President Obama is an American and, thus, are perpetuating the myth that Obama is illegally in office. They seem to be outraged that a black man can become president in the United States. And now they have their own Web site, spewing more venom than a rattlesnake.

They are being helped along by the right wingers of a dying, out-of-touch political party that is desperate to find anybody, even nutjobs, to support their failing cause and by the Wingnut Network Controlled By A Billionaire Buffoon.

But who would have thought that CNN _ "The Most Trusted Name in News" _ would help the Birthers get a national platform? Their patron saint is Lou Dobbs, CNN's version of Howard Beale in "Network." The smug, xenophobic Dobbs plays to the same crowd as the Birthers, who are scared of people who don't look like themselves or share their same beliefs.

Who are the Birthers? Who is sponsoring them? What are their motives? Inquiring minds would love to know! Come out, come out, wherever you are.

It is clear that the financiers behind these conspiracy theorists are trying to damage the president and his credibility and legitimacy, and they certainly are trying to undermine the Democratic Party. They have the same motives as the Swift Boat crowd.

The Birthers have gone too far. They cannot believe the facts. They are becoming a danger to democracy in America.